Princess Twilight Sparkle Toy



5NEUProduct Review – Princess Twilight Sparkle Toy

My Little Pony has been a hugely popular series since the 1980s. In recent days, the series has picked up a whole new crop of followers and fans of all ages. The show features a varied cast of unique, adorable ponies, one of whom is Twilight Sparkle. She is one of the show’s main protagonists and has evolved from a regular magical pony to an Alicorn, a demigod combination of a Pegasus and unicorn. While her evolution was initially met with some apprehension from the fan community, the majority has come to accept her new role and status, and Hasbro is releasing the Princess Twilight Sparkle Toy in honor of her transformation.

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Elmo Junction



Elmo JunctionProduct Review – Elmo Junction
For over 40 years, Sesame Street and its likable cast of colorful and furry creatures have been enormously popular with all ages. Among the vast array of characters on the show, though, none have captured the public’s attention and imagination quite as much as Elmo.

With his cute appearance, soft voice, and friendly attitude, Elmo has transformed into the single most popular member of Sesame Street.

That popularity is reflected in Elmo-related toys as children have been treated to numerous updates, letting kids play and learn with the furry red monster in a variety of ways.

Hasbro’s newest incarnation, Elmo Junction, continues in that tradition of making learning fun for children.

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VTech iDiscover App ActivInnoTaby Table Toy



5NEUProduct Review – iDiscover App Activity Table

The new iDiscover App Activity Table from VTech is everything a play table could need and more. By using an iPad or tablet in the center of the table it makes it much more interactive and educational than a regular activity table. The table also has a protective screen to cover the tablet.


The table has many different features for children to enjoy including:

•        Piano keys that are different colors.

•        A number roller and an alphabet roller.

•        A steering wheel complete with a horn and a gear stick.

•        Buttons of basic colored shapes.

These features will interact with different apps that come with the free downloadable app pack. This pack will include 6 apps that will interact with what the child plays with.

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Air Hogs AtmoSphere



5NEUProduct Review – Air Hogs AtmoSphere

Remote controlled helicopters have been around for nearly as long as remote controlled cars, and they have been immensely popular since their inception. Up until relatively recently, though, the remote controlled helicopter market was an expensive one to break into, and it was generally reserved for the most dedicated aficionados. That exclusivity has all but been eliminated in recent years, however, as smaller, cheaper R/C helicopters have been introduced. Controls have been simplified, and flying has transformed into a relatively easy experience. The Air Hogs’ AtmoSphere helicopter is the poster child for the current move towards inexpensive simplistic fun.

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4NEUProduct Review – Stuffies

In this day and age of hyperactivity and excessive violence in kid’s toys, it’s refreshing to find a plush toy series that promotes important values instead. The Stuffies series of plush animals offers a total of 11 choices, including Bravo the Bear, Stomper the Dino, and Muddzie the Pig. In addition to the unique pockets each Stuffie has, from whence the series derives its name, each member promotes a specific value, such as perseverance, helpfulness, patience, and more, and includes a related storybook.

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