The Barbie Makeover Mirror by Mattel is a vanity mirror that integrates a screen and make up color choices with an iPad and a free app.

This takes fun and dynamic play to an totally new level. Young girls can experiment with colors and different types of eye shadow or lipstick without actually using them.

The product is a boon for parents who don’t want that messy cleanup when real make is used.

The Digital Mirror allows girls to pretend to use different colors for their makeover and see what they look like on the iPad ‘mirror’

While sold as a toy for younger girls the product could well have applications for a broader market. Adults could try different types of makeup and see how they look without having to purchase them.

The potential is certainly there to save time and money for both the store and the consumer in a more commercial setting.

How Much Does It All Cost?

When first introduced the Makeover Mirror has a suggested retail price of $69.99. That was 3 years ago. It is presently listed on Amazon at $30.80 (October 2016)

Rated at 3.1 stars on Amazon from 201 reviews it has obviously been a moderately successful product.

Who Would Buy Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror?

Mattel suggest the Barbie Mirror is for girls 6 and up.   This is a perfect age group for the product. The appeal of makeovers and the Barbie series is high for most girls in this age group.

Amazon gives 36 months to 9 years for the age range. 36 months seems a bit young to start makeover games.

Things We Like About Barbie’s Makeover Mirror

This product provides parents with value for the money. One neat feature of the Digital Makeover Mirror it that it uses face tracking technology. This ensures the iPad mirror follows the movements of the user like a real mirror. Putting on makeup becomes an engaging and realistic experience.

Things We Did Not Like about Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror

First  there is a Choking Hazard warning – Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.

Once you have taken notice of the warning there’s really not a lot to dislike about the Makeover Mirror.

There could be a potential for damage to the iPad. Clearly iPad technology isn’t exactly designed for children ages 6 and up. You have to download the app and configure the Bluetooth to get the mirror to start working.

And this raises a final point. You need to have an iPad to make it all happen. Not everyone has one of these.


Is The Makeover Mirror Worth the Money?

Now that the price has come down just under $31 it looks like it’s worth the price.

It turns an iPad into a source of entertainment for young girls. As well as that this digital technology saves on having purchase makeup products and cleaning materials.

Where Can I Buy The Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror?

The Barbie Digital Makeover Mirror is  online at Amazon  and in other major toy stores such as Toys ‘R Us.

Customer Reviews For The Barbie Makeover Mirror

The Makeover Mirror is getting attention from parents as a viable alternative to letting young girls use real makeup. Consumers seem to be moderately satisfied with this product rating it with 3.1 stars on Amazon.

It looks like a perfect combination of play and technology.

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