The FurReal Friends line of toys by Hasbro is an interactive, animatronic (lifelike robot) toy series. Each animal has a wide range of programmed behaviors that respond to specific stimuli.

The newest member of the series,  Cuddles,  raises the bar for animatronic kids toys.

Let’s take a look at some of the features

Released three years ago Cuddles is one of the most technologically advanced toys available.

She has been designed to be the size of an actual baby monkey and has over 100 unique sounds and phrases that have been programmed to fit various stimuli. When Cuddles is rocked is someones arms she will slowly shut her eyes and fall asleep. If they’ve just been playing a lot it will take longer.

If swung around Cuddles will make excited monkey sounds. When the included bottle is placed to her mouth she will move her lips and make realistic slurping sounds.

Her responses are varied so kids will find Cuddles to be a lifelike companion.

How Much Does Cuddles Cost?

Cuddles was released three years ago and the retail price then was around $100. Looking closer you can get a better price online nowadays (October 2016). Currently listed for $62.50 on Amazon

Things We Like About Cuddles

Very lifelike and realistic. The learning potential for kids is good.

Cuddles acts with them in a similar way that they act with their own parents. Needing attention, feeding, sleep and play time. It’s likely children will learn those valuable lessons about responsibility and nurturing without even realizing it.

Things We Did Not Like About Cuddles, My Giggly Monkey

The original retail price when Cuddles was released in 2013 was close $100. That was a bit too much for many families.

Today (October 2016) it is somewhat less at $62.50.

Cuddles isn’t very quiet so smoe parents may find the noise a bit irritating and tiresome if she gets too much use. Maybe best to have a rest time factored into the day.

Who Would Buy Cuddles The Monkey?

Animatronics fans and parents of kids over 4 years old who love monkeys will love Cuddles.

Parents who wish to teach their kids responsibility and other values will find her a helpful tool to that end. With all the technological advances this loveable monkey is still a winner for the Christmas list.

Cuddles rates 4.7 stars on Amazon from 579 reviews. This is a good sample size making this star rating quite solid.


Hasbro has a longstanding history of integrity and quality and will definitely include a thorough warranty for Cuddles.

Is Cuddles, My Giggly Monkey Worth the Money?

While the initial price tag of $100 seems relatively high, consumers were getting one of the most technologically advanced animatronic toys available.

With that in mind Cuddle’s  price probably seemed reasonable when she first reached the market. Now in October 2016 the current price of $62.50 is likely more realistic and affordable. Especially since there is now a selection of similar toys like this from which to make a choice.

Where Can I Buy Cuddles, My Giggly Monkey?

With the level of popularity, probably a better question to ask would be where won’t you be able to buy Cuddles? Anticipate seeing her in all major and local retailers, as well as in many online stores like Amazon. Expect stock to go quick!

More Customer Reviews for Cuddles, My Giggly Monkey

Both parents and technophiles were excited about Cuddles when she first reached the stores. This excitment continues it seems justified by the 4.7 star rating she has on Amazon from 579 reviews.

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