The science of analyzing and utilizing brain waves has advanced rapidly in the last few years. Scientists have created devices that allow paralyzed individuals to control machines with their brains to help them perform functions they were previously unable to do. Some scientific devices are eventually transformed into an entertainment tool. For instance, video game systems were originally created for NASA and the military. In this case, one of the first devices to utilize brain wave technology is Necomimi, the brainwave cat ears!

Let’s take a look at some of the features

On the surface, Necomimi appears to be a simple set of cat ears users wear on their heads. Within the simple appearance, however, lies a very sophisticated system of sensors and motors. The sensors are placed in strategic locations on user’s foreheads and earlobes to accurately read and interpret their brain waves. The motors engage to move the ears in response to the waves it senses. If the wearer is alert, the ears stand straight up. If excited, they wiggle around. And if relaxed, the ears lay down on top of the wearer’s head. The motions are intended to be very much reminiscent of an actual cat, and they succeed admirably in that goal.

4NEUHow Much?

The base Necomimi set of ears is $49.00, and additional skins, such as Brown, Obsidian Black and Jungle Leopard can be purchased too. Prices for these range from $7.00 to $19.99 depending on which ears you want.

Things We Like About Necomimi

The science behind Necomimi is truly amazing and clearly displays just how far the science of brain wave technology has come in such a short time. Not even taking into account the science the ears utilize, though, they just look incredibly cute. When the wearer is alert and attentive, the ears stand up straight just like a cat. They would be perfect for parties, cosplayers, and they could add a whole new layer to the favorite cat costume in Halloween.

Things We Did Not Like About Necomimi

The ears run off of 4 AAA batteries, and the more active a person’s brain is, the quicker those batteries will drain and need to be replaced. Depending on the person and their typical state of mind, they might end up needing to replace them fairly often.

3NEUWho Would Buy Necomimi?

It’s a particular type of person that would be interested in Necomimi. Cosplayers and lovers of cats or Japanese culture will fall over themselves to buy the adorable ears.


Necomimi carries a limited 30 day warranty protecting against all defects in workmanship. Purchasers of defective products should ship them in for a replacement.

Is Necomimi Worth the Money?

Whether Necomimi is worth the price is dependent on the person, really. For those who love this type of unique device the current price on Amazon of  $49.00 is a bargain  (September 2016). For others it may be expensive for something it is really a novelty item.

2NEUWhere Can I Buy Necomimi?

Consumers can purchase Necomimi from the main company website and at major retail stores such as Toys R Us and Amazon.

More Customer Reviews for Necomimi

Those who have experienced the Necomimi brainwave cat ears have fallen in love with the adorable look and motions and the impressive science behind it!


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