4NEUIn a day and age of hyperactivity and excessive violence in kid’s toys, it’s refreshing to find a plush toy series that promotes important values instead.

The Stuffies series of plush animals has been around for a while now. They offer a total of 11 cuddly creatures including Bravo the Bear, Stomper the Dino, and Muddzie the Pig.

In addition to the unique pockets each Stuffie has, hence the name, each member promotes a specific value, such as perseverance, helpfulness and patience and includes a related storybook.

Let’s take a look at some of the features

Stuffies are the ideal children’s plush toy for a number of reasons. On the surface, they are supersized, incredibly soft, adorable animals. Stuffies tag line is “It’s what’s inside that counts”. And so the outward appearance is just the beginning.

Each Stuffie has 7 top-secret varied sized pockets for kids to hide their treasures for safe keeping. Each one also includes a special surprise gift and an interactive storybook that relates to the individual Stuffie’s value.

3NEUHow Much?

When they were first released several years ago a Stuffie’s suggested retail price was $49.95.

Today (September 2016) there is a wide range of prices depending on which animal it is.

Some are as low as $10 but you can pay close to $100 on Amazon for some of the scarcer collectibles now. and they include free shipping.

Things We Like About Stuffies

The fact that they are not mere plush animals is what makes Stuffies truly shine.

Sure they are huge, soft, and incredibly cute. More importantly, in addition to those attributes, each Stuffies teach kids the importance of a specifc personal value.  On top of each Stuffie’s stated value, as they studiously decide which valuables to put in which secret pocket, children also learn organizational skills.

Things We Did Not Like About Stuffies

While Stuffies go on sale with relative frequency, the original suggested retail price might be off-putting to some, more frugal parents. However look around to see what bargains there are out there.

1NEUWho Would Buy Stuffies?

Parents of kids of any age will love Stuffies! They have no small parts for younger children to put in their mouths, and they include the pockets and storybooks for older kids.


Stuffies include a full 60-day money back guarantee.

Are Stuffies Worth the Money?

Stuffies are durable, easy to clean, and great for all ages. Kids can learn valuable life skills while playing with an adorable plush bumblebee or dinosaur and filling their secret pockets. It’s hard to find a better value for your money.

2NEUWhere Can I Buy Stuffies?

Consumers can purchase Stuffies from the company’s main website as well as reputable online stores, such as Amazon.com.

More Customer Reviews for Stuffies

In addition to the plethora of individuals who have purchased Stuffies and absolutely fallen in love, the series won The National Parenting Center’s 2012 Seal

A quick check on Amazon indicates that their average star rating is about 4.8 stars.

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