5NEUOne almost universal activity all kids love is drawing. The surface doesn’t really matter much, as many parents have found out to their chagrin.

Kids will draw on paper, boxes, and even walls and floors if no other surface is convenient.

Drawing on paper works great, although it can be wasteful and become expensive, and other surfaces not designed for drawing end up requiring extensive cleaning. Wouldn’t it be great is a surface for drawing existed that never needed replacing, didn’t cause a mess, and was specifically designed for the many types of messy drawing kids do?

The Aquadoodle fills that role perfectly and gives kids a reusable and clean place to draw!

Let’s take a look at some of the features

There are several varieties of the Aquadoodle, but they all function the same. They are drawing pens that are filled with small amounts of water which is converted to hydrochromatic ink that becomes invisible as it dries out. Also included are drawing pads of varying sizes which the pens are designed to draw on.

Kids can draw to their heart’s content on the pad, and their drawings will last a few minutes until the ink dries, after which, they can continue drawing on the same surface.

4NEUHow Much?

The classic Aquadoodle set is $29.99. Other varieties include the Travel Doodle which costs about $16.99; the Jumbo Deluxe Mat for about $25; and others with similar pricing.

Things We Like About Aquadoodle

Rather than draw endless pictures on paper and then throw them away, the Aquadoodle lets kids create an ongoing stream of pictures, cartoons, and other doodles. It saves money on crayons, markers, and paper, and it helps the environment, as well. The variety in sizes is great, too, as they provide options to safely and cleanly draw at home or on the go.

Things We Did Not Like About Aquadoodle

The only downside to Aquadoodle is also one of its strengths: the fact that drawings disappear so the same surface can be used repeatedly. If a kid draws a particularly good or meaningful drawing, parents will have to hurry with the camera to take a picture to preserve it. Also, if kids draw a particularly lengthy or involved picture, they might not enjoy the first section drying out and becoming invisible before it’s complete.

3NEUWho Would Buy Aquadoodle?

Due to the big pens, broad drawing surface, and disposable nature, Aquadoodle is designed for toddlers and preschoolers. Parents of children that age will love the money they no longer have to spend and the cleaning they no longer have to perform.

Is Aquadoodle Worth the Money?

Considering how much paper and drawing materials can cost over time, $29.99 is definitely worth the money to replace all that!

2NEUWhere Can I Buy Aquadoodle?

Aquadoodle is available from all major department stores and toy retailers, as well as most major online stores such as Amazon.

More Customer Reviews for Aquadoodle

In the years since the Aquadoodle products were released the toy has won many awards and been featured in numerous magazines and trade journals. Over 400 customers share that enthusiasm giving it a 4.5 star rating on Amazon!

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