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5NEUMillions of iPads have been sold over the last few years, and today’s children are among the most avid users of the device. As much as technology has evolved one thing has remained the same –  kids still love to draw and color.

Artsee Studio joins these two areas by letting kids do one of their oldest pastimes on a relatively new device.

Let’s take a look at some of the features

Artsee Studio is both an app and a physical mount the iPad fits into. While the mount is not required to use the free app, the protective mount and included artistic tools definitely enhance the experience.

The mount has a handle on the top, is rounded plastic that securely encases the iPad within, and has slots that securely hold all the included tools. The tools include five stamps that all perform different functions, such as adding sound or animation, and a stylus that can be used as a pen, pencil, paint brush, and several others.

The app itself is incredibly easy to use with all options labeled clearly. It includes a number of drawing templates, such as underwater and safari; kids can load the template, fill in the details, and then make those details come alive and make sounds!

How Much Does The App Cost?

The app is free and the mount and drawing tools cost $69.99 for a new one on Amazon.

4NEUThings We Like About Artsee Studio

The fact that kids can draw, color, and create designs with an app specifically designed for them is good. In addition they can add sounds and animation to their creations. This is definitely one of the coolest things about Artsee Studio.

The mount and tools are very well made, designed to keep iPads safely protected and secure without being cramped or restricting usage at all.

Things We Did Not Like About Artsee Studio

There is a choking hazard warning on Amazon.

Otherwise there really is nothing to dislike about Artsee Studio! If anything, parents may want to oversee younger children as they use it. The mounting case protects the iPad from falls and bumps and the drawing tools are rounded plastic designed for the purpose. However the screen is still open and vulnerable to scratching from any surrounding objects.

3NEUWho Would Buy Artsee Studio?

Artsee Studio is only compatible with the iPad, so ownership of said tablet is a prerequisite.

After that, kids with a passion for drawing – which is most kids – will absolutely fall in love with it.


WowWee, the company behind Artsee Studio, offers a 30 day full refund for unopened products as well as a refund less 10% for opened products. The company will also exchange any defective products for free.

Is Artsee Studio Worth the Money?

Even considering the security of the mount and the plethora of functions performed by the numerous tools, the current price tag is still expensive.

1NEUWhere Can I Buy Artsee Studio?

The app is available from Apple’s iTunes store, while the mount and tools package is only available from WowWee’s online store and Amazon.

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