Barbie Digital Dress Doll

4NEUThe  Digital Dress Doll came off the ‘runway’ with all the usual features that are expected from her – but with one big twist.

Her dress uses the latest LED and touch screen technology. It has 114 tri-coloured LED lights built into her dress and allows the user to choose between three different functions:

The first function lets one choose from pre-set patterns such as hearts and fireworks. By sliding a finger across the touch screen dress you can browse through the different animated designs.

With the second function you can draw your own designs onto the dress with a stylus after first selecting a color to use.

The third functions lets the LED’s respond to sound and music. So when talked to or there is music the graphics on the dress move in response to these sounds.

3NEUMade by world famous toy brand Mattel this doll comes complete with the 4.5 inch touch screen and LED lights and is one of the more popular fashion dolls.

The original Barbie was created by Ruth and Elliot Handler back in 1959. Since then they have remained popular with girls all over the world.

This Barbie is just another in a long line of dolls that will continue to be loved by millions of girls.

How Much Does She Cost?

Barbie Digital Dress was released several years ago and retailed at around $50. These days she is listed around $20 on Amazon. Rated at 4.4 stars.

Who Would Buy This Barbie?

She is intended to suit young girls aged 6 and up. Mattel suggest to 9 years but that is subjective. She could well appeal to a wider age range. Barbie Digital would make a great present for any young girl especially ones who like to draw and design.

Girls who already love Barbie and even some who don’t are sure to be fans of this new interactive Digital Dress. And while she is aimed at young girls there are adults who have expressed an interest in checking out Barbie’s Digital attire.

Things We Like About The Barbie Digital

This new Digital dress has  taken Barbie to a whole different level. The new interactive features are amazing.

The settings are changed by clicking on one of the three different hearts on her necklace. This even lets young children easily choose which function they want to use.

She has articulated arms (including wrists) and legs so she can be posed in different positions.

1NEUThe feature that allows the user to draw their own designs is fantastic.

They can use multiple colors is the one design and it gives children the ability to create and design.

The idea of the LED lights on the dress is also something that has been seen on real fashion runways.

Once again Barbie is up with the real world fashion and is allowing tech-savvy youngsters to keep up too.

Things we didn’t like about the Barbie Digital Dress Doll

First there is a Choking Hazard Warning for children in 3 years of age.

Other than that only downside for this doll is rough play.  Barbie may have her LED’s or touch screen broken if things get too rough.  As long as this in noted there shouldn’t be any problems.

Having the batteries inside the upper leg limits the articulation which some reviewers felt was a disadvantage. This Barbie has to stand.

Finally there is no change of clothing. Traditional Barbies can dressed in various outfits. This new Barbie only comes with the one interactive dress that does not come off.


The usual guarantees should apply. Mattel is reputable and Amazon is good to deal with.

Is This Barbie Worth The Money?

This is subjective depending on your view. Some feel that she is a different Barbie because her shape differs somewhat to that of the classic doll. Less articulated too because the batteries are in the legs.

Reviewers have noted that some children just lose interest because they get bored with this doll. There are only a limited range of other things she can do once the light novelty runs out.

Originally priced close to $50 she is listed on Amazon at around $20. There are 63 other seller too offering her at various prices ranging from $13 to $24.

5NEUWhere Can You Buy This l Dress Doll?

Barbie Digital is available in most major toy stores. Also online at retailers like Amazon and at Mattel’s website.

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