Cookie Monster Food Train

1NEUSesame Street has contributed some of the most lasting and memorable children’s characters in modern history.

For over 40 years, the show has continued promoting basic ideals and teaching kids fundamental skills that serve them well into their adult years and numerous related toys have been spawned as a result.

The Food Train, became available several years ago now and was one part of the latest incarnation of those Sesame Street toys.

Let’s Take A Look At Some Of The Features

The Cookie Monster Train is one part of the Sesame Street Roads and Rails collection. It is a train set that can operate as a stand-alone toy, or it can connect to the larger Elmo Junction.

This set has children pushing Cookie Monster as he drives a train across the rails and talks about his favorite foods. The detachable rail car can attach to the Elmo Junction train set. This car includes a removable crate of bananas so kids can feel like they’re really hauling something.

5NEUIt is intended as an attachment to the main Elmo Junction set and as such costs less than the parent set.

Things We Like About Cookie Monster Food Train

Kids love collecting sets, and the Monster Food Train  aids that desire. Children who get the food train will want to continue the collection with Elmo Junction and the other segments.

The included crate of bananas and the soundtracks that play as the train is pushed across the track demonstrate that Cookie Monster has branched out his eating habits. He now includes more natural sweets instead of his traditional cookie-gobbling.

Things We Did Not Like About Cookie Monster Food Train

The fact that this Train is part of a set could potentially be a drawback as parents might not want the risk of a commitment to purchase the entire series. Kids can be very persuasive.

3NEUWho Would Buy Cookie Monster Food Train?

Parents with children who love trains (which is pretty much every parent) will love Cookie Monster’s latest vehicle.


The set is produced and released by Hasbro, a company with a longstanding dedication to quality and reliability. While no official guarantees have been released as of yet, consumers can rest assured it will have a thorough one.

Is Cookie Monster Food Train Worth the Money?

As a standalone set, the Food Train costs less than the main Elmo Junction train set. Considering the entertainment kids can expect, that’s an excellent buy.

2NEUWhere Can I Buy Cookie Monster Food Train?

All major retailers that currently sell Sesame Street and other Hasbro products will have the food train.

More Customer Reviews for Cookie Monster Food Train

Sesame Street toys have long been huge favorites for kids and parents alike, and the Cookie Monster Train promises to continue that tradition!

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