Disney Princess Play Sets

In the 90 years since Walt Disney first started making cartoons for kids, Disney has created some of the most recognizable icons in the world. From Mickey Mouse to Cinderella to Quasimodo.

Disney cartoons have captured the imaginations of children and adults alike the world over.

In order to let kids immerse themselves even deeper into the Disney world, the company has released thousands of toys over the years, many of which have been immensely popular. The Disney Princess Sets have joined that family so children can play with all of Disney’s famous princesses.

Let’s take a look at some of the features

These original Princess sets consist of two sets of 7 figurines each. Each member stands as tall as 4 inches. Both sets include princesses Aurora, Ariel, Jasmine, Cinderella, and Tiana, though each wears a different movie costume in each set.

Set 1 includes Snow White and Mulan. Set 2 includes Belle and Pocahontas.

Each figurine is quite detailed and looks stunning. All of the figurines are molded from durable and flexible PVC that can stand up to the most vigorous use. They also float so can be played with in the bathtub as well as on the bedroom floor.

More recently other dolls have been introduced by Disney.

There is the Royal Doll collection consisting of the 7 figurines already mentioned.

And a newer line of Royal Shimmer dolls  such as Rapunzel each being sold individually.

How Much?

The Standard Play Set  now costs about $95 on Amazon which is well removed from its original cost when first released.

The Ultimate Collection sits at $125 and again is considerably more than when it was released for around $70.

Things We Like About Disney Princess Play Sets

Looking closely at each member of the Princess play sets lets the quality of each member shine.

The painting is intricate and delicate and matches each member’s respective movie appearance perfectly.

The size of each figurine ensures that all but the very youngest family members can play with each one without worry of damaging or choking on them.

New sets and dolls are being introduced on a regular basis ensuring that these sets will not go out of fashion any time soon.

Things We Did Not Like About Disney Princess play sets

Initially, including 5 of the same characters in each play set seems redundant and wasteful, but after taking into the account the different appearances which are drawn from different portions of each story, their inclusion seems more understandable.

Who Would Buy These  Princess Play Sets?

Parents of girls who love the Disney universe will love the Disney Princess play sets! Almost every girl wants to be a princess and these play sets will let them play with their favorite ones.


Disney guarantees all its products to the highest standards of quality.

Are Disney Princess play sets Worth the Money?

For only $12.50, parents can purchase a set of some of the most famed members of the Disney universe. To achieve that, the price tag is well worth it!

And there is also the Ultimate Disney Princess Collection which comes with a much higher price tag of around $110 But if your ‘Princess’ is really committed it may just be worth the price.

1NEUWhere Can I Buy Disney Princess Play Sets?

The Disney Princess play sets can be purchased from major toy retailers as well as from the main Disney store.

This product is available on Amazon along with a wide selection of other related Disney products.

More Customer Reviews for Disney Princess Play Sets

All of the characters included in the Disney Princess Play Sets have been loved by girls the world over. These sets give the characters’ many fans a chance to play with each one.

Generally they have been well received with Amazon star ratings over 4 whatever the set looked at – be it Regular, Ultimate, Royal or Shimmer.

Some reviewers felt that dolls not being free standing was a short coming.  A few others found the rubberised clothing was a pain

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