LEGO Disney Ariel’s Celebration Boat

LEGO and Disney Matched

Combining LEGO with Disney is a winning pairing because kids love both.

Add the fact that there’s a Disney princess involved and your child or grandchild is going to be thrilled to open this set as a Christmas gift.

Great For Enjoyable Learning

When you make learning fun, kids are eager to keep learning.

LEGO sets are a great gift idea, too because they help teach kids problem solving.

They also help boost hand and eye coordination. It also helps kids master the art of constructing things.

This set comes with 114 pieces in pretty colors, which is the perfect number for young kids to put together. Too many pieces and they get overwhelmed

Some Adult Help Might Be Needed

Depending on their age, some young ones may need adult help.

This set comes with part of it already assembled. So you’ll be able to put the rest of the boat together.

Designed For Easy Assembly

Because the LEGO parts are designed to be simpler the pieces easily snap together. This great for little hands and lets smaller children quickly complete the building.

For example, the boat has a design that goes on the side that just snaps on.

The crown on the boat snaps onto the front while the boat wheel attaches to the center. It features the colors of pink and gold, which are suitable for royalty.

Not A Big Boat But It Does Float

The boat is just a little bit bigger than five inches. Prince Eric or Ariel can fit onto the boat and sail the ocean.

If you’re wondering whether or not the boat can float. The answer is once it’s put together it can.

So kids get the added fun of being able to use the boat in water.

Five Disney Characters In The Set

There are five characters included. Both the Prince Eric and the Arielle figures are dressed in their Disney movie clothes. Also in the set are Ariel’s friend Sebastian and her friend Flounder.

Plenty Of Extra Pieces Too

The set comes with the pier and arch. Plus, there’s a dance floor that actually revolves.

There’s also an underwater music stage with a keyboard and it turns.

There are plenty of accessories that will fuel your child’s adventures.

This set includes a treasure chest as well as a saxophone. Plus, there’s the trident, a bone, a ring and more.

Lots For Their Imagination

Kids will love using their imagination to pretend that the prince and Ariel are getting married and dancing at their wedding.

Kids can re-enact their favorite scenes from the movie using this set.

Compatible With Other LEGO Sets

This set is compatible with other LEGO sets so it can be expanded. It’s suitable as a gift for kids who are at least four years old.

There are digital instructions available if there’s help needed with the building process.

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