Mattel Ghostbusters Ecto Goggles

2NEUMattel released their Ecto Goggles several years ago after show casing them in the New York Comic Con.

Made famous by the film Ghostbusters, Mattel’s Movie Masters Ecto Goggles are a must have for any avid collector or fan.

The original goggles used in the film were made from military model AN/PVS-5a night vision goggles. The lenses were changed out for a more appropriate look for the movie.

The new Mattel Ecto Goggles based on the original design have been made to interact with other Mattel Ghostbusters items such as the PKE meter.This feature allows you to see the library ghost.

You can also cause an animated slimmer to appear on the display and the quicker you twist the dial the faster the animation is played.

3NEUWho Would Buy Ecto Goggles?

Aimed at fans who are looking to collect props based on the Ghostbusters movies. People who enjoy dressing in character for events such as Comic Con will also like these realistic looking goggles.

These aren’t you average run of the mill products that just anyone would buy.

Designed specifically for fans and collectors they have been made to look as much like the original as possible.

Things People Like

More recent photos from the company have had fans very keen for a pair of these Goggles. Some of the earlier photos had fans complain that the color was too bright. Since then those working on the project have changed the color to a shade close to that of the original.

Things People Don’t Like

First it is important to note that there is a choking hazard warning for children under 3 years of age. The manufacturer recommends the product for 12 years and over.

To date there do not seem to be too many complaints. Previous Ecto Goggles have sometimes been uncomfortable to wear. Hopefully these newer goggles have been made more comfortable. However the Ecto Goggles can’t be worn while you are wearing  regular glasses.

5NEUAre They Worth The Money?

Feelings are mixed on whether they are going to be worth the money.

When compared with DIY Ecto Goggles that some people have made and then sold online they are definitely cheaper. And they are definitely cheaper than the real thing.

Although the price may seem a little high they are relatively cheap when compared to these other options.

Where Can I Buy Ecto Goggles?

You can buy them from the Mattel website. They are also available on collectors’ websites, at specialist toy shops and Amazon.

4NEUWhat Customers Are Saying

“When you really think about it, compared to a pair of Ecto Goggles made with high quality materials costing $250-300 and with the resale price of the Matty Collector pairs around $150-200, $199 isn’t really that bad for a pair of licensed, pretty accurate goggles. It’s expensive for the components that go into it, of course, but that’s just the market.”

At this point opinions on the Ecto Goggles are divided. There are those who love them and those who don’t consider them worth having. It would seem a lot of people have yet to make up their minds.

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