My Own Pet Balloons

5NEUKids love to imagine. A child can take a pile of sticks and rocks and turn them into mighty medieval castles. Just about anything can be turned into a toy. And just about any toy can be a source for creativity and imagination.

My Own Pet Balloons have been around for a good few years now and they build on that notion. Namely, that children don’t need huge, expensive, and elaborate toys to have fun. Sometimes the best toy is actually the cheapest and simplest one.

Remember how the pots and pans with a wooden spoon made a great drum set on the kitchen floor when you were three.

Let’s Take A Look At Some Of The Features

At their most basic My Own Pet Balloons are balloons shaped and colored like different animals. They are designed to be filled with helium and have been precisely weighed so your chosen pet hovers close enough to the ground. This means their legs keep touching ground so they appear to be actually walking.

Kids can get the feeling of pulling their own pet behind them. Be it panda, pony, duck, cow, bunny or any of the other pets in the range.

There are currently over 30 types of pet balloons with more being added quickly and regularly. The design of My Own Pet Balloons is exceedingly simple, and their popularity is a testament that simple can definitely be a good thing.

How Much Will One Cost?

3NEUMy Own Pet Balloons carry a price tag from less than $10 to something over $50 depending on the particular animal and who is the seller. Most are around the $10 mark plus or minus a few dollars. But there are a good number of sellers on Amazon. Some Pet ballons have been priced as low as $4.75

Depending on where you purchase your Pet Balloon you may also have to pay for the initial helium fill.

And remember each pet will need to be topped up with helium periodically to maintain its shape and the ability to properly float. On average this is once every 2 weeks or so.

Things We Like About My Own Pet Balloons

What’s not to love about cute inflatable animals that hover along the ground like real animals? The potential for imagination and fun is nearly limitless.

The balloons themselves are made of quality materials and each animal has been precisely weighed so that it just floats when filled with helium. Most impressive.

The price is also a plus as parents will have less of an issue with their kids collecting many different members of the set, or the entire set altogether. The sheer number of animals in the set makes it easy for kids to pick and choose their favorites.

Things We Did Not Like About My Own Pet Balloons

While My Own Pet Balloons are a quality product they are still balloons. So you need to ensure that your children keep them away from the usual perils for a balloon – sharp objects, heat sources, being sat on, ridden on and all the other potentially damaging thing kids can sometimes do.

When out and about in windy conditions youngsters will need to keep a firm hold on their pets. Being filled with helium they are light and their pets could blow away.

While the balloons are rated for children as young as 36 months if they are deflated or broken they present a choking hazard.So be careful to remove them from younger children if this occurs.

And like any balloon they will slowly deflate over time and need to be refilled. This could potentially get expensive and inconvenient.

4NEUWho Would Buy My Own Pet Balloons?

Any parent of a child who loves animals, loves to pretend, or just loves balloons in general would love these! With their low price they are especially good for families on a tight budget.

However they need to be refilled relatively frequently so it helps to live close to someplace that has a helium tank on hand like a grocery store, pharmacy, novelty store or similar place that sells balloons.


Since My Own Pet Balloons are simple,relatively inexpensive balloons, they don’t carry any sort of guarantee.

Are My Own Pet Balloons Worth the Money?

Taking into account the solid, durable construction and nearly infinite possibilities for imagination and creativity, the price tag is reasonable. The potential drawbacks: The risk of being punctured or burst and maybe the fluctuating price of the helium needed to make them float.

2NEUWhere Can I Buy My Own Pet Balloons?

The balloons, have been around for a good few years now and the range is expanding all the time.

Many grocery stores and novelty shops that already sold balloons have begun selling My Own Pet Balloons.

The company’s main website – provides a store locator to help individuals find a seller close to them.

However customers will also find their extensive product range on Amazon and other major online and offline retailers.

More Customer Reviews for My Own Pet Balloons

My Own Pet Balloons were introduced to the public several years ago now. Since then they have spread all across the country. Children and adults are falling in love with these floating pets. The product’s growing popularity is testimony to that that!

Looking across the range on Amazon on they all appear to have a rating of around 4 stars

Glasshouse Balloon Co., the company behind My Own Pet Balloons, is continually adding new members to the balloon family. In the unlikely event that you cannot find your perfect pet, keep checking back. Odds are you’ll find one soon!

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