Nerf Rebelle Blasters

Since the 1970s, the Nerf series of foam action toys has been one primarily designed for and suited to boys. They have been regularly treated to newer and bigger incarnations, and the series has been one of Hasbro’s most popular.

Until recently, girls never received much attention from the series and, as a result, never had much interest.

That disinterest promises to be cured now with the release of the Nerf Rebelle Blasters series.

Let’s take a look at some of the features

The new series was released a few years ago and was aimed directly at girls.  It features newer, more vibrant colors (some might say “girly” colors, such as pink) and has more appropriate blaster choices.

Instead of oversized rocket launchers the initial offering will be the Heartbreaker Phoenix Bow. The bow features more traditionally feminine coloring and designs, such as wings and swirls, is lighter and more agile, and fires smaller foam bullets.

Since the Rebelle series was first released the number of options has increased to the point where there is now a good selection for the girls to choose from.

How Much?

The Heartbreak Vine Bow  costs around $25 although some suppliers appear to have slightly lower prices. The other Nerf Rebelle options come with a range of prices. A check on Amazon will give better and more up to date details.

Things We Like About Nerf Rebelle Blasters

It is great that a series of toys that has been marketed towards boys for so long has introduced a sub-series that is more inclusive for the girls.

While some may disagree with the seeming stereotyping of gender roles Hasbro developers insist they designed the series based on what younger girls told them they wanted rather than the other way around.

Things We Did Not Like About Nerf Rebelle Blasters

Really, the only thing to potentially dislike about the Rebelle series is the same for the entire series. It sure can be hard to find one’s foam bullets in woods or the yard.

Who Would Buy Nerf Rebelle Blasters?

Hasbro is hoping to address the problem of the increasingly sedentary lifestyles many children are currently living.

With the Rebelle series, the company is hoping to include girls in more active pursuits.

Parents of inactive girls will likely be very interested in giving them an excuse to go outside and run around. Rather than sitting around the house.

Those with more competitive outdoors daughters will likely have to work harder to get them back inside.


Every Nerf Blaster comes with a warranty that protects against defects in workmanship and other issues.

Are Nerf Rebelle Blasters Worth the Money?

Considering the potential for outside activity and fun and the range of options in the series most of the price tags seem reasonable. Even the slightly more expensive ones are still relatively good value.

Of course, you don’t always have to pay the highest price to get the most fun. So make sure that you choose the one that suits your budget

nerfrebelle5And there is one small eyewear accessory which is very useful. The Nerf Rebelle Vision Gear. A smart fashion item that any girl would be keen to wear.

Just make sure you see the note on the package which says they are neither sun glasses nor protective eyewear.

Where Can I Buy Nerf Rebelle Blasters?

The Rebelle series will be available from all Nerf Product toy retailers which is most of them!

These will include major companies such as Walmart, Amazon and Best Buy amongst many others.

More Customer Reviews for Nerf Rebelle Blasters

The Nerf series has been highly popular amongst boys for many years. Now the girls are excited about the possibility of adding some serious female competition.

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