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3NEUDeveloped in the 1950s, Play-Doh has become very popular as children were able to use this inert material to create their own masterpieces.

Numerous new colors have been introduced over the years but the main formula has always remained much the same.

With the release of Play-Doh Plus Hasbro has modified its original formula into a much softer and more pliable version. This gives children a way to create more delicate and detailed creations because it is easier to work.

In addition the line of Play-Doh Plus toys that are now available gives those kids new tools to add to their fun and creativity.

Let’s take a look at some of the features

Play-Doh is basically pretty simple stuff. From a technical perspective, they are simple modeling compounds created using flour, water, boric acid and color.

From a kid’s perspective it can be anything they can transform it into. Play-Doh has always been a toy that provides interactive fun instead of mindless entertainment.  It gives kids a tool and lets them create their own fun.

Play-Doh Plus is much the same as the original but with a few noticeable changes. It has always been difficult to craft small and fine objects or decorations with the firm and thick original formula.

Play-Doh Plus fixes that by being a much lighter, softer substance that is vastly easier to manipulate into the finer detail many have wanted to achieve. It has the consistency of thick cake frosting.

4NEU When used in conjunction with the Frosting Fun Bakery Play Set, designed specifically for use with Play-Doh Plus, it’s hard to distinguish it from actual frosting. Yet it maintains its initial shape well.

How Much?

Play-Doh Plus, like the original version, is very simple. Its price reflect that. The suggested retail price of an 8-pack of 1 ounce cans is about $8. The line of Sweet Shoppe molding toys range in price from about $12 to $20.

Things We Like About Play-Doh Plus

One of the best things about Play-Doh Plus and its older brother is that it has the capability to truly unleash the imagination and creativity in children.They can transform that nondescript ball of putty into anything they set their hearts on.

In an age where so many toys marketed for children require no thought or interaction, it’s refreshing to see a product like Play-Doh still going strong with Hasbro continuing to innovate and evolve the product.

The main benefit of Play-Doh Plus is the ease with which it can be molded and worked. It can be used alone or with the original version. One neat trick is to combine it with the original to create a pliability somewhere between the two. Not quite as firm as the original but not as soft as Plus.

Another benefit of the softness and pliability of Plus is that it opens up the world of Play-Doh to those children who may not have the hand strength or endurance to play with the original.

This helps such children to improve those areas without them even realizing it.

2NEUThings We Did Not Like About Play-Doh Plus

One of the main drawbacks for Play-Doh Plus is also one of the main drawbacks for the regular variety. Clean-up can be problematic.

There are some very heart felt Amazon comments about how different and difficult this product is from the original. Others seem to like the product. Certainly clean up is an issue.

Maintaining texture is another. Some think that it dries out and becomes crumbly overnight.

Another point to consider is that dropping a piece of either type on a carpet and accidentally stepping on it can be disastrous. Nearly impossible to avoid with young children. Even more difficult to completely clean.

Best to use a drop sheet or a tiled floor area.

Plus is lighter and thinner than the original and because of this it has a tendency to stick to the insides of squeeze bottles and other tools. This makes cleaning them up more time consuming.

Who Would Buy Play-Doh Plus?

Many parents buy Play-Doh for their children because they loved it when they were young. Any parent wishing to cultivate creativity in their kids or provide an outlet for those who are already creative can’t go wrong with either variety of Play-Doh.

Specifically, parents of children who are younger or not as strong or who want to add more detail to their creations will find Plus admirably suited.


Plah-Doh Plus has no official guarantee.

Is Play-Doh Plus Worth the Money?

At around $8 for the starter pack, the answer to this question is definitely a yes!

5NEUWhere Can I Buy Play-Doh Plus?

Over 6000 stores in the U.S. carry the original Play-Doh, and it’s a good bet the majority of those also carry Plus. Online retailers such as Amazon will also carry this new and exciting product.

More Customer Reviews for Play-Doh Plus

Since 1955, over 2 billion cans of Play-Doh have been sold around the world, and the addition of Play-Doh Plus will only increased that popularity. Customers of all ages may love this softer, lighter version.

Currently rated at 4 stars on Amazon from over 850 reviews. That says it all.

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