PowerUp 3.0 With Smartphone Control

powerup-3-0-2Power Up 3.0 is a uniquely simple piece of equipment that enables you to add propeller power to your paper airplane. This is a novel concept. Many enthusiasts like to fly model airplanes but it requires commitment and dollars if you want to become serious about it. And the models and power units take time and effort to build.

Power Up 3.0 eliminates all this yet provides some real flight power for your paper plane at a fraction of the cost. It has a lightweight body and shaft construction with a battery unit that clips to the front of your paper plane. Set the propeller in motion with the starter unit and launch your plane into the air.

Away it will go making circuits for several minutes until it returns to the ground. And now with the latest update you can control your Power Up using your Smartphone.

This just adds to the fun and excitment you can have The PowerUp 3.0 is definitely a new slant on flying paper airplanes and creates fun for both kids and adults.

How Much Does It Cost?

Power Up 3.0 retails for $49.99. for the unit which can now be controlled by your cell phone powerup-3-0-1

Who Would Buy The Power Up 3.0?

Most powered model airplanes are aimed at older teenagers and adults.  People who understand the ins and outs of flying a remote control plane. PowerUp 3.0 reduces the complexity making it suitable for anyone who wants a simple powered paper plane that flies. Just about anyone who can fold and make a paper plane should be able to use the Power Up unit with ease.

Things We Like About The Power Up 3.0.

One of the best things about the PowerUp 3.0 is that it caters for such a wide audience. You don’t have to have any great understanding about flying model planes. This is a good for those starting out and for younger children looking at the activity for the first time. It’s also equally good for adults who are just looking for a way to have some outdoor fun. Maybe sharing an hour or two with their kids in the local park. The Smartphone version is re-charged with a small supplied battery pack that you can take with you outdoors. And you charge the battery pack via a USB connection before you leave. The PowerUp 3.0 is inexpensive, very easy to assemble and does not require hours of construction to make the aircraft. A simple paper plane does the trick.   4NEU

Things We Did Not Like About The PowerUp 3.0

While there are positive things to say about PowerUp 3.0 it does pose a few concerns. First and foremost Amazon has a Choking Hazard Warning – Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs. And because of this the kit obviously has some fairly small parts that can be easily lost if you not careful. The original 3.0 runs on 3 AA batteries and because the device is so small, it might have been better if it was powered with 2.


When this article was written we were not aware of any guarantee. However at the price it might well be something that you would not want to pursue anyway.

Is The PowerUp 3.0 Worth The Money

For around $50 on Amazon, you can’t really go wrong with this device. Some people will love it. Others will just see it as a bit of simple fun. Either way it is cheap entertainment.   powerup-3-0-3

Where Can I Buy The PowerUp 3.0?

Amazon.com is a great place to purchase the latest version of Power Up 3.0 for $49.99.

More Customer Reviews For The PowerUp 3.0

Customer response for this device is somewhat mixed. 3.1 stars from 290 reviews. Many people are satisfied with the device, others not so happy.  They found it difficult to get the paper folding right so the planes flies properly. Rates 3.1 stars on Amazon.

Finally note that the small parts and potential hazards to infants and small children need to be recognized.

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