Princess Twilight Sparkle Toy

5NEUMy Little Pony has been a hugely popular series since the 1980s. In recent days, the series has picked up a whole new crop of followers and fans of all ages.

The show features a varied cast of unique, adorable ponies, one of whom is Twilight Sparkle. She is one of the show’s main protagonists and has evolved from a regular magical pony to an Alicorn, a demigod combination of a Pegasus and unicorn.

While her evolution was initially met with some apprehension from the fan community, the majority has come to accept her new role and status, and Hasbro is releasing the Princess Twilight Sparkle Toy in honor of her transformation.

Let’s take a look at some of her features

Princess Twilight Sparkle  matches her transformed appearance in the show. She is mainly purple with blue Pegasus wings and a golden crown. The toy stands about a foot tall and has a series of sophisticated sensors covering her. She responds to various stimuli, singing and cooing when her hair is brushed, or when she is stroked, for instance. Her wings flap and light up when stroked or when her hooves are pulled across the ground.

4NEUHow Much?

Princess Sparkle is currently listed for just under $60 through a third party seller on Amazon.

Things We Like about Princess Twilight Sparkle

With the Princess Twilight Sparkle Toy, Hasbro is truly paying tribute to the undying fans of the series. She matches the in-show character both in appearance, sound, and action.

Technically, the toy is fairly nifty, containing a large number of varied responses that apply to numerous interactions.

Things We Did Not Like

There is really not much dislike about this toy.  If one had to be ‘picky’ it would be nice to have Twilight Sparkle’s wings flap when actually being flown around and not just being dragged on the ground.  Other than that it is hard to be critical of a toy that gives such enjoyment to youngsters. 3NEU

Who Would Buy This Toy?

Both adult and children fans of the show will likely be waiting in line for Princess Twilight Sparkle!


Hasbro covers all their products with a comprehensive warranty protecting against any defects in workmanship or components.

Is This Toy Worth the Money?

The price seems a bit high but the the technology utilized is clever. Serious fans of the show will want to add her to their collection as quickly as they can and not be too concerned about the price! 1NEU

Where Can I Buy Her?

She is available from all major toy retailers, department stores and smaller specialty toy shops. Try Amazon too for third party options.

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