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3NEURoboMe is a robot toy. RoboMe won the Toys 3.0 award at a recent Toy Fair, and since its release RoboMe looks like it will be a sought after item on the shelves.

We really like the iPhone integration or iOS device as the “head.” This is something that many companies are now doing but it was certainly fresh enough to get everyone excited when Robo was released.

How Much?

The original list price on Amazon was $129.99. Now RoboMe is listed at just over $162.4

5NEUWho Would Buy The RoboMe?

The RoboMe caters to pretty much anybody that is looking for a cool robot to mess around with that packs a lot of different features.

Kids and adults would both love the fun of driving their RoboMe around with their smartphone attached to it.

Things we like about the RoboMe:

We love the idea that you can use your iOS device as the head for RoboMe. Something about being able to control a robot driving around your house with your face on it is just extremely satisfying.

We also are excited because we are sure this will open the doors for developers to write their own apps for RoboMe to further take advantage of the software that is behind the robot.


Things we did not like about the RoboMe:

There is a choking hazard warning for children under 3 years.

We love the concept behind the RoboMe, the design and the idea is definitely there. But not everyone uses iPhones or iOS devices. People on the Android market will be left out until further notice.

It would be good to see the company come out with an update soon with the ability to use an Android device or possibly create a second line of RoboMe for Android users.


If you purchase from an online store like Amazon their normal conditions should apply.

Is The RoboMe Worth The Money?

With the features that this device displays the current list price of over $160 may be a stretch too far for some folk. Especially as it only has a 3.1 star rating on Amazon from 44 reviewers. This is not particularly encouraging.

Most reviewers liked the concept. They became disillusioned due to the difficulty of getting the robot to function properly and the lack of support. Some said their emails were never answered. Others felt that the toy had limited capbilites.

And there was the obvious one that it is not available on Andoid

1NEUWhere Can I Buy The RoboMe?

RoboMe is available for purchase on various online sites, such as

More Customer Reviews For The RoboMe

Many people have praised the technology of RoboMe and the developers clever design.

There are positive comments from those who have seen RoboMe in action. But as the lower star rating shows not everyone is happy.

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