Talking Friends’ Talking Tom Toy

5NEUTalking Friends is a facial editor and playback app very popular among kids.

They can take pictures of themselves or friends, add all sorts of goofy features like handlebar mustaches, and then record messages which the app will play back in a variety of voices as though the edited face on the screen was saying it.

The app also includes various characters that play back what they hear in their own voice. Talking Tom is one of those characters brought to life in the form of a lovable grey tomcat.

Let’s take a look at some of the features

Talking Tom interacts with the Talking Friends app which is free on Amazon. Kids can also play with him without the app. He responds to various stimuli, such as touching, petting, and tickling, and will repeat everything kids say in his own voice.

Using Talking Tom in conjunction with the Talking Friends app opens up many new possibilities. Kids can interact with his character in the app, and he will respond in real life.

He can also interact with other in-app characters and do numerous other activities!

4NEUThings We Like

Talking Tom is a plush kitty that that will talk back when kids play with and talk to him! He is suitable for all ages and is available in a variety of sizes to suit even the smallest children.

Talking Tom’s interaction with the Talking Friends app is technically impressive; he sends out a signal that communicates with the phone the app is installed on. This gives kids something to do with their phones other than talking and texting!

3NEUThings We Did Not Like About Talking Tom

While all sizes of Talking Tom have the same capability, the larger sizes contain bigger electronic components. Because of this, the larger Toms are not as soft and cuddly as the smaller versions.

Tom runs on three AA batteries which are included. However, considering the amount of power he uses during operation, those batteries may need replacing fairly frequently.

Who Would Buy Talking Tom?

Any parent of a fun-loving child would be drawn to Talking Tom! Prior users of the app will also find the series very appealing.


Out Fit 7 will provide a full refund for undamaged products within 15 days of the purchase or delivery date and will replace any broken or defective products within 2 months free of charge.

2NEUIs Talking Tom Worth the Money?

With a range of prices, and considering the technically impressive functions performed, purchasers should find a Talking Tom that meets their needs and budget!

Where Can I Buy Talking Tom?

The entire line can be purchased from Out Fit 7’s website (, and certain members of the family are available at major toy retailers as well as online outlets like Amazon.

More Customer Reviews for Talking Tom

Kids everywhere fell in love with the Talking Friends app when it was released, and with the Talking Tom line of toys, those kids can take their fun to a whole new level!

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