The Fall of Cybertron Metroplex Transformer

4NEUThe Transformers series, which is about a race of sentient machines that are able to transform into the shape of any vehicle they scan of comparable size and mass, has been one of the most popular sci-fi series of the last nearly-30 years.

The series has spawned numerous cartoon shows, movies, video games, toys, and more. The Fall of Cybertron Metroplex Transformer is the largest of all Transformers in the entire series and has repeatedly been voted by fans as one of the coolest of the entire cast, and in honor of the series’ 30 year anniversary, Hasbro released Metroplex in grand fashion.

Let’s take a look at some of the features

When released Metroplex was the most complex and largest Transformer toy ever released. He stands at exactly 24 inches tall and includes a Scamper legend scale figure.

Metroplex will has 3 modes he can transform into: carrier, robot, and city, and he can have complete interactivity. His eyes light up; he has independent weapon turrets and a functional helmet; he can talk and make various sounds and more.

The video game is available for Xbox, Playstation3 and PC Download

5NEUHow Much?

When released Metroplex retailed for around $125. Now it looks like this version has become something of a collectors item as it is currently listed at well over $500 on Amazon. There are other sellers there too but their price is only a little less.

Maybe best to consider an alternative model for a smaller price.

Things We Like About Metroplex

The Metroplex Transformer is one of the most beloved characters in the series, and Hasbro has taken that love to heart. The sheer level of complexity and interactivity is staggering, and kids and adults alike will spend hours with him.

His ability to fully transform into the carrier, city, and robot – all three vastly different results – is especially impressive (though, no doubt, his size helps with that considerably).

Things We Did Not Like About Metroplex

There is a choking hazard waring for under 3 years old on Amazon. So, however much they might love him, he is also not suitable for younger children,.

Other than that really, what’s not to like?

The only possible issue might be that Metroplex is cost-prohibitive. At close to $550, he isn’t just a small investment, it may even give fans pause for thought..

1NEUWho Would Buy Metroplex?

Transformers fans and robot lovers, in general, will flock to buy Metroplex. He is big and expensive enough, impulse purchases will be rare.

Collectors will also grab him as quickly as they can to add the newest and certainly most impressive member of the Transformers cast to their set.


Metroplex has the same comprehensive warranty against defects and other issues that all Hasbro products carry.

Is Metroplex Worth the Money?

This addition to the Transformers series of toys isn’t cheap. Especially now that it appears to have become something of a collectors item. You will need to carefully consider the value of this purchase.

3NEUWhere Can I Buy Metroplex?

Generally speaking, all major retailers that sell Transformers merchandise sell Metroplex, including online retailers such as Amazon. He will also be available from smaller, toy-specific websites.

Metroplox has been a fan-favourite of the Transformers series for years.

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